Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 In Memoriam

As always, the saddest part of the year is the annual list of the fallen.  The Etherverse lost a few heroes this year.  We fondly remember the following:

Peter Steele: Bassist for Type-O Negative
Frank Franzetta-Fantasy Artist
Ronnie James Dia-one of the THE voices of Metal
Dennis Hopper- Actor and professional badass
Dino De Laurentiis: Producer of some of the best awful movies ever.
Leslie Neilsen - Canadian Actor

Holiday Programming.

Since this year Xmas falls squarely on the weekend, in addition to my having to work my wage-slave job that day, I've decided to go with the majority at the station and have a repeat broadcast.  The same goes for New Year's Eve.

Have yourselves a happy and above all SAFE holiday season.  A Merry, Metal Xmas to all!