Saturday, August 26, 2006

Okay, NEW Trivia question

Congrats to Wheezer the Cincinnati Metal God for not even breaking a sweat with the first trivia question.

Here's another:

What is the common connection between the two following bands: Skid Row and Vixen.

Good luck!


wheezer_april_4th_1966 said...

Lots of makeup.....

80's hair metal.....

I'm sure there's something else you wanted to see, though.

wheezer_april_4th_1966 said...

OK, I have a serious response:

>>The girls are quite hot, very good looking (specially Janet Gardner). Janet is a very good singer and Jan Kuehnemund is almost as good guitarist as Lita. Roxy Petrucci, the drummer started her career with a band called MADAM X which is were Sebastian Bach from SKID ROW came from. Ironically, SKID ROW was very hot at the same time. ENOUGH TRIVIA!!!<<

>>< MADAM X >

Detroit, Michigan, USA

the band
Maxine Petrucci (later Vixen (LA)): guitar
Roxy Petrucci (later Vixen (LA)): drums (1982-1986)
Bret Kaiser: vocals (1982-1985)
Chris Doliber: bass
John Ward: vocals (1985-1986)
Sebastian Bach: vocals (1986-1988)
Mark McConnell: drums (1986-1988)

partial discography
We Reserve the Right full-length (Jet 1984)

fun facts
Maxine and Roxy are sisters. And is that the real Sebastian Bach up there? Why, yes it is. Gracious.<<

Tapping the Ether said...

Maxine Petrucci's involvement in Vixen was minimal to say the least, LOL. She was a member in 1998, that's it:)

She does have a solo CD coming out soon, if it's not already:)