Monday, September 03, 2007


Likely you've noticed a lack of updates for the last couple of weeks.

The reason is that I've been overhaul some aspects of the blog--behind the scenes stuff. If you look to the right you'll see part of that in the form of an amazon store. This allows me to provide fast links to the material we are playing on the show. Hopefully you'll take the opportunity to support the show by satisfying your need for metal through the blog.

I've also added a couple of neat widgets to the sidebar. One lists the current headlines for news from Metal Storm, and the other lists upcoming concerts in the Toronto. The creator of the latter widget is working on a refinement that will allow me to narrow it down to metal shows, which will be awesome.

I've also added a banner at the bottom for the upcoming Lizzy Borden release. I will be rotating the banner (and possibly adding more) for bands and releases that have caught my eye recently.

New playlists, news and reviews will be appearing soon. Thanks for your patience!

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