Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Opening Ceremonies: A Comment

If you watched the Olympic ceremony last night, you'll notice a distince lack of the promised Rush performance. Rush were definitely there--BBC America apparently interviewed them at the venue the day before the show. But....but....oh screw it: I'll let the rushisaband guys break the news:

"Well, obviously no Rush tonight. Notice how the show was themed around the different provinces of Canada moving from east to west? Also notice how Ontario and the Great Lakes region were skipped over? What I'm now hearing is that this portion of the show was scrubbed due to nature of today's tragic events. Apparently it had a full rock and roll metropolitan vibe to it and was cut for sensitivity. The word is now that Rush may tentatively play at the closing ceremony. Sorry everybody - I'm as pissed off as you are."

I don't blame him. While I thought the tributes to the luge guy were beautiful, moving, and were handled very well, any moron who thought that it was appropriate or necessary to remove an entire province and it's music from the programme because of "sensitively" issues needs to find someone with a crowbar to help pry their head out of their ass.

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