Sunday, May 02, 2010

Rush's Return to the Limelight --

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We talked about this on the air a couple of weeks back, but this Rolling Stone interview with Geddy Lee gives a few more details. The speculation that Rush would be previewing new material on this tour and releasing it piecemeal seems to be true. Some interesting comments about Moving Pictures too.

Thanks to Wheezer, the Cincinnati Metal God, for providing the link

In other exciting Rush news, the two year campaign to get the band a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame will come to fruition on June 25. Donna Halper, who is the American radio dj who "discovered" their first album over 30 years ago has been the driving force behind the campaign. No details about the unveiling ceremony have been released yet, but when I know, you'll know (or you can check out the Rush Is A Band blog and probably find out the same time I do).

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