Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus--the bastard!!

Okay, so not really.

Yesterday saw our annual Santa Claus parade wend it's way down main street, bringing joy and incipient exposure to kiddies throughout the city, and long may it do so. Several years ago the city scrapped the mid-afternoon parade for a early-evening illuminated extravaganza.  It was a good change: it breathed new life into the proceedings.  Great so far.

As far as the show goes, it's been a real kick in the clusters though.  The route of the parade runs directly between my abode and the station, and because of a quirk of street layout, there's no way around it--none. That means that between 4:00 and 8:00 or so, I'm a prisoner in my own home--a hostage to Xmas cheer, as it were.  Now as forced confinements go, it's pretty sweet.  I get to snuggle up with the wife in front of the TV and watch the parade unfold live, courtesy of the fine folks at the local cable channel.  We enjoy watching the parade live (after the 4th rerun or so it starts to wear thin a little), and it marks the beginning of the holiday season.  The only regret is that it means cancelling the show for the week.

Most years, this isn't a major problem.  I know about it in advance so I can record a new show.  This year it snuck up on me though, forcing me to play a repeat show--worse, a repeat of a repeat (since last week's show was also a wash, for non-Xmas related reasons).  Luckily it was a good show, with some great songs, but still...

Nonetheless, Xmas is anon and the joy of season to all of you!  May Santa, bastard though he may be, fill your stocking with all that you desire.  Bring on the egg nog!

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