Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On The Horizon Pt. 2

Okay, it's my guilty secret. I've been a Lizzy Borden fan since I picked up a vinyl(!!!) copy of "Love You To Pieces" back in 1985. I admit that at first I liked Lizzy Borden for what they promised, rather than what they necessarily delivered. Usually 3-4 kick-ass songs a the rest filler. Until they finally hit their stride with "Visual Lies": Nine tracks of sheer brilliance that still hold up 20 years later. Continuing the trend with "Master of Disguise", Lizzy appeared to finally be on the verge of major success before dropping off the face of the planet.

Fast forward eleven years and the band reforms to release "Deal with the Devil", which was decidely iffy. Half the songs are the vintage Lizzy Borden , and as good as anything they ever recorded-the other half were an ill-advised attempt to update the sound. The result was a mishmash of industrial-pop-nu metal that did nothing for me (sorry guys). That's the background, which brings me to the second release on my wishlist:

Lizzy Borden: Appointment with Death

I'll let the official press release describe what's coming up:

Like all past Lizzy Borden recordings, Appointment with Death is a conceptual piece; this concept is centered around the theme of, as the title implies, Death.

“Oddly enough, writing eleven songs about death was no easy task for me; lyrically being graphic or grotesque would have been too easy, and being overly morbid would bring nothing new to the concept. I wrote this just like I have all of the other LB recordings, as a play or a movie. There is a beginning, middle and an end with the lead character taking us on a journey. Death is all around us, lurking, waiting to pounce, striking fear and antagonizing the living in many different ways, I tried to explore some of those ways in the most poetic way that I know how” commented Lizzy.

The music on AWD was composed by Lizzy, Ira Black, Marten Andersson and Joey Scott .

AWD is epic, Heavy, dark and melodic, everything a traditional Lizzy Borden recording should be and more. With new guitarist Ira Black along with Marten Andersson on Bass and co/founder Joey Scott on the drums, the Lizzy Borden sound has evolved into a multi-dimensional ever-lasting-gobstopper working just as well in an ipod as it has always done on stage.

Works for me!!

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