Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On The Mend (I Hope...)

You may have noticed the lack of a new Tapping the Ether last weekend, which I deeply regret.

The reason was that I was at home suffering from pneumonia--as I still am. I wasn't diagnosed until Sunday evening, but I spent most of Friday and Saturday asleep and it was pretty obvious that I was in no fit state to be on the air. Much thanks to Wayne for finding and playing a copy of the previous week's show at such short notice.

I'm feeling 100% better by today (which is to say I still feel like shit, but a higher quality shit) and I'm hoping that by Saturday I will be back on the air. I've been warned that it will take weeks to recover fully, and with that in mind I apologize in advance for any detrimental effect it may have on Tapping the Ether in the near future.

Bear with me, and keep watching this space!

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