Monday, December 28, 2009

"Exclusive" Fox News Story on Dita Von Teese

Fox News has an interesting story on fetish model/burlesque performer Dita Von Teese.  It's kind of surprising that Fox would post such a positive story about someone whom their hosts would probably spend a lot of time condemning for the "immorality"* of her career choice, but I've long since given up trying to figure out where they're coming from.

Back before she became Mrs. Marilyn Manson, I used to email Ms Von Teese on a semi-regular basis.  And no, I'm not talking in a stalker kind of way either.  Here's the rundown.  Back when I was learning to use Painshop Pro, I created a digital painting using a photograph of Dita, and I wanted to put it on my (long since dormant) webpage.  Rather then risk the embrassment  and hassle of a cease and desist letter, I forwarded a copy of the picture to her via her webmaster, explaining what I wanted to do, stressing that there was no commercial intent and if she said "no" that was fine and I'd live with it.  To my surprise about a week later I got an email from Dita herself, complimenting me on the picture and regretfully informing me that while she didn't mind my putting it online, she didn't own the copyright.  She did say that if I contacted the actual copyright holder, then  I could tell them that I had her approval for using it. In the meantime she asked me if she could put it on her website, in the gallery section, which I refused (just kidding, of course I said yes).

Then, she mentioned The Black Dahlia case (my email address at the time had black dahlia reference in it), telling me that David Lynch had suggested casting her in his upcoming movie about it.  She didn't know anything about the case and asked if I could give her any info, and that started a correspondence that lasted a couple of months. In return for me filling her in on the Black Dahlia, she dished some pretty juicy gossip from Tinseltown (some interesting stuff about Rose McGowan, for instance). It may be hard to believe, given her glamourous image and all, but she was very smart, funny and down to earth. Nothing earthshattering, just idle chat.  I sent her a couple of more pictures, and she was very encouraging about them (there was at least one other one she asked about putting on her website).  Then it just sort of tapered off as she got more famous and (one assumes) more busy and I was too busy to spend much time online (especially since I didn't have a computer at home at the time).

Next I heard, she was stepping out with Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) but by that time correspondence had more or less ended.  I did send her a brief note congratulating her on her engagement, and she sent a polite reply.  Still, it's probably one of my few enounters with the Hollywood glitterati, so I milk the story every chance I get :)

Here's the Fox story: - Exclusive: Dita Von Teese 'Shocked' That Americans Think Burlesque Is So Taboo

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* While of course showing lots and lots of video clips and photos just so that the audience has no doubts about what they're condemning.

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