Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Absent Friends....

Well, it's getting around to the end of the year. That means it's time to remember those who left us over the past twelve months. The Etherverse took a bit of a hit this year, and since there won't be a New Year's show (I'm still sick), this online roll-call of the dearly departed will have to suffice.

January 13 – Patrick McGoohan, American-born British actor.  Best known for the cult classic The Prisoner
April 4 -- Lux Interior, legendary frontman for The Cramps
April 12 – Marilyn Chambers, American pornographic actress
June 2 – David Eddings, American author (The Belgariad).
June 3 – David Carradine, American actor
August 13 – Les Paul, American musician and inventor of the guitar that bears his name
October  12 -- Dickie Peterson, drummer for Blue Cheer.
November 30 – Paul Naschy, Spanish movie actor, screenwriter, and director.
December 29 - Erica Boyer, American pornographic actress

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