Sunday, December 20, 2009

Terry Pratchett Challenge, 2010

So I'm going to participate in my first blog challenge: ReadingAdventures: Terry Pratchett 2010 Challenge

Here are the rules:

The challenge will start from 1 December 2009 and run through to 30 November 2010. There are several different levels of participation for you to choose from:

1-3 books - Cashier at Ankh-Morpork Mint
4-5 books - Guard of the City Watch
6-8 books - Academic at the Unseen University
9-10 books - Member of Granny Weatherwax's Coven
10-12 books - Death's Apprentice

You can either be reading the books for the first time, rereading, or even watching the TV adaptations if you like! As long as everyone has fun I will be happy! Please also do not feel limited to only reading the Discworld books as any books by Terry Pratchett will count for this challenge.

To a certain degree, this is not exactly a challenge for me--I'm usually rereading a Discworld novel at some point (sometimes two). In fact, when I found out about this a couple of days ago, I was about 20 pages away from finishing Guards, Guards--so I get to start the challenge one up. Now I'm reading Lords And Ladies. I'll keep you updated on my progress towards Death's Apprentice.

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