Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roger Waters kicks of "The Wall" 30th anniversary tour in Toronto

TORONTO – Roger Waters tore down the house Wednesday night in Toronto as he kicked off the 30th anniversary world tour for Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

He walked out to thunderous applause beginning with the first track of the seminal concept album, "In the Flesh," and the adulation never stopped. Synchronized pyrotechnics, Orwellian imagery and marching hammers culminated with a plane flying into the wall and bursting into flames. And that was just the opener.

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I have mixed feelings about Roger Waters.  On the one hand I think that his occasional updating of The Wall results in great shows.  On the other, I think it's a little hypocritical for Waters to have bitterly criticized the reformation of Pink Floyd as being artistically bankrupt and not offering anything new, while almost all of his post-Floyd successes have come from rehashing old Floyd material--most notably The Wall.

Still, if this really is the last--and I mean "THE last, no shit, I really mean it this time, this is it, really the last time", not all the other last-- opportunity for folks to catch The Wall in all it's bloated, self-worshipping, pseudo-Orwellian glory, then it should make for a worthwhile spectacle.

Edit: My apologies to Kevin Maguire for inadvertently using his copyrighted photo without permission.  When I searched Flikr I specified "creative commons" in the search but somehow his photo slipped through and I posted it with a linkback.  No excuse for my not double-checking the license--the fault is mine and mine alone.  I would have apologized to Mr. Maguire directly, but since I deleted the picture as soon as I became aware of the issue, it also deleted the link to the original source.  Once again I'm sorry for the error.

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