Friday, September 17, 2010

Twenty years on Pt. 2....Who shares our birthday?

Still Life (W/Book) (Spec) (Dig)Here's a list of bands that started the same year as Tapping The Ether.  I'm only including the bands who I've played on the show:

Anathema : We played stuff from "Pentecost III" quite a bit

At the Gates: Although we received both of their albums, only "Slaughter Of The Soul" got extensive airplay.

Dark Tranquility (then Septic Broiler) : To this day, "Projector" is the only DT CD in the library--it's a keeper though.

Fear Factory I only really played "Obsolete" and their cover of "Cars", because I'm a Gary Numan fan.

In Flames: Didn't recieve anything prior to "The Jester Race", didn't really get into them until "Whoracle" (which was stolen from the library--a pox on whoever did that)

Infectious Grooves: Played "Send My Your Money" and "Violent And Funky" a lot.  Otherwise they were just the discount store version of Suicidal Tendencies.

My Dying Bride:  Although they started sending us stuff from the very beginning, "Angel And The Dark River" was the album that clicked with me ("Cries Of Mankind" was a perfect bathroom break song)

Opeth:  Despite knowing about Opeth from the beginning, it wasn't until "Blackwater Park" that I finally had something to play on the air.  Thankfully they've been sending us stuff ever since.

Type O Negative: What can I say?  When they sucked, they really sucked, but when they rocked, they were amazing! Peter Steele, R.I.P.

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