Monday, September 13, 2010

Rush + Steampunk = Sublime Awesomeness.

So I've finally running across pictures from Rush's current "Time Machine" tour (due to run 'til mid-October), and they are amazing. What's really impressive is how they've managed to incorporate the steampunk vibe into the entire visual presentation, from the video, to Neil Peart's drumset and Alex Lifeson's speaker cabinets.

As a guy who likes Hammer movies and Blade Runner in equal measure, there's something about Steampunk (and it's lesser known offspring, Dieselpunk) that has always appealled to me aesthecially. Combining as it does the warmth and beauty of the "traditional" (wood, brass, leather, clockwork gears) with cool, futuristic geekiness, I can really see how it fits in with Rush, a band with both a long history and a vibrant present. Moving Pictures (performed in it's entirely this tour) is the perfect embodiment of this--an album that is legitimately considered "classic", but yet sounds as fresh as if it was recording a couple of years ago. How many albums can truly make that claim.

Sabian Cymbals has an excellent article about the creation of the stunning cymbals used by Neil on this tour. Even non-drummers will find this fascinating, and the pictures are wonderful.

Tandem Digital not only did some of the video for the tour (clips on their site) but also created a CG prototype for Neil's drum set and riser. This article not only provides a fascinating insight into the process, but there's also a beautiful picture of the real thing!

Also, check out this video showing Alex Lifeson talking about his rig for the Time Machine tour: Check out the beautiful speaker cabs!

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